Homeowner Tips

Buyer Beware:

Here are some things we would like to inform you about to help save you the headache of "Finding Out the Hard Way". Here is what you need to keep in mind when comparing Window Solar Screens.

Know what kind of solar screen you are getting.

Some companies out there sell a screening material claiming it is for windows when in fact it was originally designed for patio furniture. Yikes! Don't be fooled by imitations, when in doubt look for the "Twitchell/TTP" or "Phifer" logos.

Know what type of frame you are getting.

There is only one thing that matters when it comes to picking aluminum frames for your solar screens, the THICKER THE FRAME THE STRONGER THE FRAME. We only use 15/16" (almost 1" thick) and 24 gauge double crimped aluminum, the heaviest in the industry. Remember that the smaller the frame, the weaker it is and less expensive it is to make. Other companies might try and save a buck and tell you that their skinny frames are superior because they say they won't rattle. Don't believe it! Solar screens won't rattle if they're installed properly.

You will also want to make sure the screen frames match the same color as your window frames. Otherwise you will get what we call, "The Halo Effect". This is when the frames are two different colors. You will see an obvious ring around the screen frame.

Know what type of corners hold your screens together.

Make sure to ask what type of corners will be used on your screens. A slick way some companies try to keep the costs down is to use cheap plastic corners in the construction of their frames. Over time, plastic becomes brittle and weak making it risky to remove your solar screens at a later date. At Shade Shield we use only the strongest all ALUMINUM corners to ensure the highest quality and longest life of your solar screens. We never skimp on quality!

Know what spline you are getting.

Again, here is another place some companies may try and cut costs. Spline is the rubber gasket that goes around the perimeter fitting inside the groove of the screen frame securing the screen in place. The better the spline, the better job it does at keeping your solar screen secure and TIGHT. At Shade Shield we use only the highest quality spline made from serrated rubber making sure you enjoy a long lasting tight solar screen.

Do they use a center bar?

Center bars give your screen rigidity. It prevents the sides of the frame from bowing in, causing the screen to ripple and have waves in it. By having the center bar showing, you can create more of a custom look to your solar screens.

How do they attach your screens to the windows?

You will want to make sure your screens are affixed to the windows properly. We do not use plastic hardware or different colored screws to attach your screens. We also do not screw through the frame of the screens directly into your windows. This is a big No-No. First, it is a serious safety concern. If someone needed to get out of a window, they need to be able to open the window and push the screen off. Secondly, when you need to remove the screen from the window for repairs or cleaning, you may not be able to get the screw holes lined up again or the may get stripped. This means you have to put another screw hole in the screen frame and in the house.

We use color matching all aluminum screws & hardware that can be loosened and twisted in order to take a screen off. We also use Dual Lock from 3M as a way to affix your screens to the newer vinyl style windows. Ask one of our Comfort Consultants to explain the best way to install your new Shade Shield Window Solar Screens.

Does the other company offer a warranty?

Shade Shield Solar Screens does. We offer both a 1 Year Warranty on installation and a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all the screen materials.

Make sure to ask for references before you buy.

Shade Shield Solar Screens has been in business since 2009. Make sure the company you choose is not a fly by night company. Ask to see references. Feel free to check out our references and testimonials.