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Solar screens are exterior full-length screens that cover the entire glass of your windows and doors. Unlike films or glass coatings, solar screens stop the sun’s heat and glare before it hits your glass. It’ like having a shade tree in front of your window without blocking the view. Exterior shading is by far the most effective way to block solar heat gain and keep your home cooler.

There are multiple reasons why you may wish to buy solar screens. Here are just a few:

  • Keeping it cool -- solar screens block and deflect the sun's energy, thereby keeping your home much cooler during the summer months.
  • Save on energy bills -- if you use these screens, you will not have to keep your air conditioner on high all summer. You can end up saving a lot of money!
  • Keeping it warm -- these screens can also help you out during the winter months by giving you a better seal on your window, keeping winter chills outside.
  • Glare control -- you can still see outside through the screens, but you do not have to squint to do it. If you feel like you need to wear sunglasses inside your home, you should definitely go ahead and buy solar screens!
  • Furniture protection -- ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause furniture, walls, and other household items to fade with time. Of course, with screens, that UV light is blocked.
  • Stylish -- there are a variety of styles of solar screens, and some can be very attractive and can complement a home's decor.
    As you can see, there are many reasons to buy solar screens.
Shade Shield Solar Screens

Shade Shield Solar Roller Shades provide excellent protection from the sun while preserving your view. Often referred to as "sunglasses" for your windows, their ability to reduce heat and cut the glare makes them ideal for interior/exterior home and business use alike. Shade Shield Solar Roller Shades protect in 4 ways: they protect furniture from damaging Ultra Violet (UV) rays, reduce glare, diffuse light, and help control heat gain.

Shade Shield Solar Roller Shades have a mesh material made from a combination of PVC-coated fiberglass and polyester yarns. These sun control shades are elegant, exquisite, and are available in several colors. Manufactured from Phifer SheerWeave® fabric, lighter colors illuminate the interior with just the right amount of light, while darker fabrics provide a superb view to the outside and absorb light making them ideal for viewing computer and TV screens.

Shade Shield Solar Roller Shades come standard with a continuous loop clutch mechanism for easy control. This system raises and lowers the sun shades smoothly and evenly for trouble-free performance. No more long, dangling cords or frustrating cord locks or cleats. The spring roller option is also available at no charge. You can also have the fabric reversed so the fabric will roll from the front of the roller instead of the back. This option is used most often to bypass obstructions which might have otherwise been obstructed by the fabric.

Exterior Roll-a-Way Shades Interior Roll-a-Way Shades Exterior Shot

During the summer garage doors are as much as 20 to 40 degrees higher than the outside temperature. 
The garage door acts as a super-large radiant heater heating your garage.  In hot climates the radiant heat trapped inside of the garage itself raises the temperature at least 20 degrees or more than the outside ambient air temperature.  During the winter, the insulation will help weather seal your garage door keeping your garage warmer than the outside temperature.

Shade Shield’s Garage Door Thermo-Barrier will help block the radiant heat coming in from the door keeping your garage up to 20-30 degrees cooler in the summer, and keeping it warmer in the winter.  With the added insulation the garage will be better temperature regulated thus lowering the energy consumption in the house. 

Shade Shield’s Garage Door Thermo-Barrier retrofit insulation kit is the solution to make your garage more comfortable in both summer and winter.  The foam panels are 54" wide x 20" tall x 1.25" thick to fit virtually all standard residential garage doors. 

The high quality Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) core may assist in lowering utility bills while making the garage more comfortable as a workshop.  The exposed panel face is covered by a High Impact Styrene (HIPS) laminate which enhances the appearance and provides superior durability and is easy to clean.  Insulated garage doors generally create a quieter atmosphere and operation.

Before Half and Half After


  • Window & Screen Cleaning (1 Story) - $10 per window/screen
  • Window & Screen Cleaning (2 Story) - $15 per window/screen

  • Window Only Cleaning (1 Story) - $5 per window
  • Window Only Cleaning (2 Story) - $8 per window
  • *Prices may change due to difficulty and access issues. Please call for a free estimate.

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